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What Is BrokerFuel?

BrokerFuel is an offering for our brokers that is focused on three key areas: tools, tactics, and training.

When it comes to providing tools to mortgage brokers, we believe that there has been too much focus on the “quick fix” mentality. Tools by themselves won’t move the needle for your business unless they are partnered with tactics and training. When these three parts are combined, you get a clear path to level up your business. That’s why BrokerFuel stands apart from other offerings in the industry.

We believe in the success of our brokers because what fuels your business, fuels ours.

BrokerFuel is our commitment to helping you grow your business beyond just closing loans. It’s about more than the transaction—we genuinely want you to succeed. We’ll give you top-notch tools as well as the tactics and training to use them effectively. The result? You become more efficient, your brand awareness increases, and you get an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

BrokerFuel Tools

We’ve partnered with key industry players to provide their tools to you at a discount. On top of the discount, we work with our BrokerFuel partners to provide ongoing training and tactics so that you are put in the best position to succeed when using their tools.

With Floify, you'll be on the leading edge of mortgage technology with the industry's favorite digital 1003 loan application, secure document portal, automated borrower and agent notification platform, suite of productivity integrations, and so much more—all for one low monthly price.


Leadpops offers conversion-focused mortgage originator websites and lead generation funnels, plus managed marketing services for Facebook, Google, and much more. Slash your lead costs, increase your marketing ROI, generate exclusive leads yourself, and grow your referrals from real estate agents with Leadpops marketing technology. We are constantly looking to add new tools to help mortgage brokers get to the consumer first!


Podium is an easy-to-use platform that gives mortgage brokers the tools they need to attract and maintain clients from lead to close. By using Podium, brokers get more loan requests by increasing ratings and visibility where borrowers are found. Manage, report on, and track the team’s interactions from a single hub, gain insights to improve business operations, stay connected to borrowers in the most convenient channels, gain repeat business, and improve local SEO to be found more easily.

Whiteboard CRM

The only mortgage CRM built for the independent mortgage expert! Whiteboard is built exclusively to accelerate lead management, partner relationships, team production, and revenue growth.


WikiRealty’s platform provides automated marketing and advertising to help you connect and form real relationships with buyers and sellers online. WikiRealty will help you grow your brand and content strategy across social media and search engines by focusing on “the neighborhood,” and then using retargeting strategies to promote your loan products and services.

Training and Tactics

Using the right tools is important, but we believe having the tactics to amplify your results will make all the difference.

We will provide monthly “training and tactics” sessions with expert speakers on various topics of business growth. We want to be quick to provide value based on the needs of our broker partners, so the training sessions we provide will change based on the feedback we receive from our brokers. Topics will include:
Business Development
Sales Training
Time Management
Running a Business
How to Hire